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Solutions to curbing Covid-19

With current situation of Covid-19 and curbing the risk of virus outspread, all of us should take an increase safety measures and practice social distancing. In instances, businesses have taken the most impact and toll in the current state. Albeit these tough times, everyone can take part in combating the spread of covid-19.  

Hence, it is important for the essential line to provide services such as in hospitals, pharmacies and groceries stores. Thereby, the need to adapt and be more proactive when dealing in this situation with customers are required. How may one provide such a service and minimize risk for their customer and staff?

This can be done with limiting the number of people into a premise. Navigating the customer flow as followed:

Online Appointment Booking Only

Customer can schedule their appointment via your website. This not only reduces their waiting time and prevent crowding in the room but also eliminate the walk-ins or unscheduled crowds. Meaning you can have up to date information of whom is coming in and the capability to manage your resource efficiently and accordingly.


Virtual Queuing

Allow customer the flexibility to wait outside of premise with less people as well as not having to form a metre distance apart queue, often forming a snake like curve. A simple virtual queue solution can be implemented such as QR Code, placing it on a standee board for your customers to get queue -giving them a sense of control as well as being safe.

For more information on how we can provide a solution that best fit your organisation, do contact us and we can come up with a plan of details to assist you.